Asbury Park - revived beachfront renderings

These illustrations were created in 2007 as part of a proposal for the redevelopment of the historic Asbury Park beachfront area. These were some of my first fully digitally colored (Photoshop) renderings, while still using a hand-drawn pencil drawing as a base. Some of the images utilize photos of existing structures, but because of the deterioration of many of the structures, most had to be recreated in the renderings.

Rendering of proposed mixed-use area of development.  (this image - design and pencilwork by Lloyd Flores)
Rendering of boardwalk looking south.
Interior rendering of repurposed historic hall.
Rendering of renovated historic structure along boardwalk.
Rendering of boardwalk looking north.  This rendering won an ASAI "Award of Excellence" in 2008.
An example of how the above illustration was constructed.  In this case, a composite of existing photos was used as a base.
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