My first job as a freelancer was a series of interior renderings for the Resorts Hotel/Casino in Atlantic City, for the Rockwell Group.
One of my first attempts at a watercolor.  My Photoshop skills were better than my watercolor skills, so I painted the various parts separately - sky, trees, people - and assembled it in the computer.
Getting better with watercolor - finding the right paper, paints, etc.  Still a lot of touch-up in Photoshop.  This hotel lobby interior rendering was for Hornberger Worstell Architects in SFCA.
Finally, I straightforward watercolor without the need for much work in Photoshop.  This office complex rendering was done for Arcturis in St. Louis. 
A colored pencil interior rendering of a museum space for the US Customs Service, for Burt Hill Architects (now Stantec).
A quick inkline and colored pencil rendering for University of Delaware, for Ayers Saint Gross.
A similarly quick colored pencil rendering but with a digital sky and ground embellishments - a student center for Burt Hill Architects (now Stantec).
One of my first fully "digitally painted" renderings - still with hand-drawn linework.  For Burt Hill Architects (now Stantec).
A hybrid rendering using digital color and actual watercolor.  A rendering of a retirement community, also for Burt Hill Architects (now Stantec).
One in a series of digital hybrid renderings showing the rejuvenation of the beachfront in Asbury Park, NJ, for SPG Architects.  This used hand-drawn linework and a combination of Photoshop color and photographs of existing elements.
An interior rendering for Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, of a lobby for Agnes Irwin School.  Using a similar process as above, a hybrid of hand linework, photos, Sketchup model base, and Photoshop.
A birdseye rendering of a mixed-use proposal for Beame Architectural Partnership, using the same process as above - Sketchup, Photoshop, pencil linework.
More reliance on the Sketchup model in this one, less pencil linework, lots of Photoshop.  An interior rendering for a mall renovation for SPG Architects.
An aerial rendering of a campus masterplan for The Shipley School, for Bohlin Cywinski Jackson.  Some pencil linework, along with a variety of digital techniques employed - photos, models, Photoshop paintwork.
An evening rendering for an athletic complex addition at Washington University, for BCJ Architects.  This was created in Sketchup and rendered out with Maxwell Render, along with a bunch of 'post' work in Photoshop.  Entourage and sky, along with some of the vegetation, are photo-based.
A rendering of a mixed-use proposal for Curry Architects.  Workflow was Sketchup to Maxwell Render, then lots of touch-up in Photoshop for windows, sky, and groundplane elements.  Most of the trees are "billboards" - custom painted in Photoshop and placed as 2d elements in the Sketchup model. 
Part of a series of renderings showing additions to a senior living community for KDA Architects.  Modeled in Sketchup, rendered in Maxwell Render, with liberal amounts of Photoshop for the finishing touches.
A blend of aerial photograph and 3d rendering along with lots of Photoshop cut and paste to create this expanded view of a campus plan for Germantown Academy, for WRT Architects.
One of the most "photo-realistic" projects undertaken thus far.  Since the project was initiated in winter, the client was only able to provide a photo of a partly snow-covered Pittsburgh.  The waterfront development was added on the left, modeled in Sketchup and rendered in Maxwell Render.  Trees and ground plane were retouched to remove snow and create a "summertime" rendering.
A project for Mills + Schnoering Architects, updating a historic playhouse in New Hope, PA.  This rendering was created from a blend of Sketchup model, photos of the site, as well as some Photoshop magic to bring it all together.
A rendering of a Hudson Valley NY mixed-use development for LRK Architects.  This was a pretty strait forward rendering technically (Sketchup model, Maxwell Render, Photoshop), but it allowed me the opportunity to help on the design of the storefronts and signage elements to fill out the view from a rough massing.

Proposed renovations to Montessori school outside Philadelphia - lots of Photoshop paintwork over a Google Earth view, with Sketchup model rendered in Maxwell Render 

Proposed community park in Trenton, NJ, for Isles.  I got to play skatepark designer and have some fun with graffiti on this one.  Modeled in Sketchup, rendered in Maxwell Render - Interesting job!

This was the first project I completed after switching to Vray for my render engine. This was an interesting and fun challenge - to recreate the look and feel of an older "hand-hewn" structure, nearly all done "in the model" with only some minor touch-up in Photoshop.

This was a similarly interesting challenge - showing an addition to a 100 year old chapel.  This rendering was accomplished through a combination of photographs and computer models to capture the history and detail of the space.  Modeled in Sketchup, rendered in Vray, with lots of blending work in Photoshop!

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