My first job as a freelancer was a series of interior renderings for the Resorts Hotel/Casino in Atlantic City, for the Rockwell Group.
One of my first attempts at a watercolor.  My Photoshop skills were better than my watercolor skills, so I painted the various parts separately - sky, trees, people - and assembled it in the computer.
Getting better with watercolor - finding the right paper, paints, etc.  Still a lot of touch-up in Photoshop.  This hotel lobby interior rendering was for Hornberger Worstell Architects in SFCA.
Finally, I straightforward watercolor without the need for much work in Photoshop.  This office complex rendering was done for Arcturis in St. Louis. 
A colored pencil interior rendering of a museum space for the US Customs Service, for Burt Hill Architects (now Stantec).
A quick inkline and colored pencil rendering for University of Delaware, for Ayers Saint Gross.
A similarly quick colored pencil rendering but with a digital sky and ground embellishments - a student center for Burt Hill Architects (now Stantec).
One of my first fully "digitally painted" renderings - still with hand-drawn linework.  For Burt Hill Architects (now Stantec).
A hybrid rendering using digital color and actual watercolor.  A rendering of a retirement community, also for Burt Hill Architects (now Stantec).
One in a series of digital hybrid renderings showing the rejuvenation of the beachfront in Asbury Park, NJ, for SPG Architects.  This used hand-drawn linework and a combination of Photoshop color and photographs of existing elements.
An interior rendering for Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, of a lobby for Agnes Irwin School.  Using a similar process as above, a hybrid of hand linework, photos, Sketchup model base, and Photoshop.
A birdseye rendering of a mixed-use proposal for Beame Architectural Partnership, using the same process as above - Sketchup, Photoshop, pencil linework.
More reliance on the Sketchup model in this one, less pencil linework, lots of Photoshop.  An interior rendering for a mall renovation for SPG Architects.
An aerial rendering of a campus masterplan for The Shipley School, for Bohlin Cywinski Jackson.  Some pencil linework, along with a variety of digital techniques employed - photos, models, Photoshop paintwork.
An evening rendering for an athletic complex addition at Washington University, for BCJ Architects.  This was created in Sketchup and rendered out with Maxwell Render, along with a bunch of 'post' work in Photoshop.  Entourage and sky, along with some of the vegetation, are photo-based.
A rendering of a mixed-use proposal for Curry Architects.  Workflow was Sketchup to Maxwell Render, then lots of touch-up in Photoshop for windows, sky, and groundplane elements.  Most of the trees are "billboards" - custom painted in Photoshop and placed as 2d elements in the Sketchup model. 
Part of a series of renderings showing the design of additions to a senior living community for KDA Architects.  Modeled in Sketchup, rendered in Maxwell Render, with liberal amounts of Photoshop for the finishing touches.
A blend of aerial photograph and 3d rendering along with lots of Photoshop cut and paste to create this expanded view of a campus plan for Germantown Academy, for WRT Architects.
One of the most "photo-realistic" projects undertaken thus far.  Since the project was initiated in winter, the client was only able to provide a photo of a partly snow-covered Pittsburgh.  The waterfront development was added on the left, modeled in Sketchup and rendered in Maxwell Render.  Trees and ground plane were retouched to remove snow and create a "summertime" rendering.
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